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The Solitude Guard 42 #435106

Hi guys! Maromak is back and today i have for you a build called the Solitude Guard! This build is a joke but i feel that i want to share with you guys. This build use skills that normal guard uses. Sword, Shield and Bow are the weapons of your choice. But first, let me told you the backstory. Hope you enjoy it!:

Solitude Guard was a normal guard as other guards. Guarding city, watching for thieves, tell you something funny and other stuff. He live with his cousin and together were guards. His life was good, he like his job so much. His typical day was that for breakfast he will eat his amazing sweetrolls with goat milk. Then he will put on his red uniform and goes to the job all day and then goes to sleep. But next day, something unexpected happened. Jarl herself come to him and told him, that she has a special guest for him. Guard was so excited what he will do! But Jarl told him a terrible message. She said that his cousin was kidnapped and taken to the nearby cave full of bandits. But Solitude Guard dont know fear and manly will complete this guest. But first, he took a sweetroll to his cute mouth and he can rescue his cousin. His weaponry was a imperial sword, solitude shield and also a bow! Guard began his adventure to rescue his cousin and kill some bandits. 4 hours later ... guard finally arrived to the cave. *loading screen* Guard pick his sword and shield to the battle. As he go through, killed some bandits, even a bandit dog, now comes the boss. The Bandit Chief. He saw his cousin in the cage and guard attacked. The Guard was so hard to defeat, even a chief dont defeat him. Chief was defeated and guard picked the key, open the cage and hug his cousin. But the chief wasn't dead! As the chief was lying on the ground, he somehow found a bow with one arrow and shoot the guard ... to the knee. Cousin kill the chief and taken his cousin to the hospital in Solitude. The Solitude Guard was in hospital for a mounth and cousin came to visit him. Cousin told him that he got for him a special mission! He has to go to Helgen to see the execution of Ulfric Stormcloak. Guard was so happy that he agrees and goes to Helgen. When he was near the Helgen, he saw the vehicle with prisoners. But, something very silly happened. Imperials stopped and told him to surrender or they will kill him. Guard dont understand why, but then realize that he has taken the bad uniform. Instead, he took the StormCloak uniform! Nobody knows how that uniform gets in the closet, uniform was just there! Nevermind, they take him to Helgen for execution too. What a joke, you go to the Helgen to see execuiton, but instead, you will be executed in Helgen. Great! But Dragon shows up, you escaped and your story begins!

Thats the backstory, now the build!

Race: Nord, every guard is a nord!

Sex: ... male

Stats: 2:0:1 (Health/Magicka/Stamina)

Skills: One-Handed, Archery, Block, Heavy and Light armor, (Smithing, Enchanting)

One-handed: This will be for your sword to cut your enemies and also cut sweetrolls. The sword of choice is up to you, but if you want to roleplaying. Pick the sword that Jarl Elisif will give you, as you
became a thane.

Archery. This is for your bow, again bow is up to you but again, roleplaying: pick the imperial bow.

Block: This will be for your protection and also a unic shield called Shield of Solitude: It grants magic resistance that scale from 10% (level 1-17) to 30% (level 40+). It also increases the blocked damage from 15% (level 1-17) to 35% (level 40+), so be sure to take it from 40 for your extra power, but if you are bored, as me, pick it everytime you can. The Shield of Solitude is given as a reward by Falk Firebeard upon completion of the quest "The Wolf Queen Awakened".

Heavy and Light armor: Heavy is for your shield, imperial bracers and gauntlets and light is for your helmet and chest

Smithing: Upgrade your gear by drinking some extra smithing potions or enchanted gear. Because is this low lvl armor, be sure to upgrade it to be stronger than ebony armor or something else PS: Exploits are allowed!

Enchantig: The same as Smithing, to be more OP. Try to fill the soulgems and enchant your gear the best as you can.

Standing Stone: The Lord stone: I like the armor rating and also magic resistance, good for this build

Gear: Armor of Solitude guard:

Helmet: Helmet of Solitude Guard (Light Armor)
Chest: Chest of Solitude guard (Ligh Armor)
Gauntlets: Heavy Imperial Bracers (Heavy Armor)
Boots: Heavy Imperial Boots (Heavy Armor)
Shield: Shield of Solitude (Heavy Armor)
To get that full armor well ... you will have to kill one of the guards so ... good luck!
And now weapons!

Sword: Optional/Imperial sword/Sword of Haafnigar (hope you will get the one-handed version)

Bow: Optional/Imperial Bow

Roleplay: The Solitude Guard is a silly friendly guard to guard Solitude. Do so many guests in Solitude and help everyone! Also join the Imperials in the Civil war to crush Ulfric bones! Then you will do the DawnGuard and join the Dawnguard. Main guestline, Companions, destroy dark brotherhood, no thieves guild, but you can do some daedric guests like Azura, Sangvin, Clavius, and if you feel it? Go get that Molag Ball mace and Dagon Razor if you like! You discovered that you are dragonborn and you will use the powers. Any shouts is good for this build. You will also become a thane of Solitude and you will be the most respected guard ever lived in Solitude, in Skyrim. You can get married with some woman in Solitude or somewhere else and adopt a child to be a proud dad and buy a house in Solitude too. Also your cousin is out fighting dragons. Great huh? You can now hunt dragons too and absorb their dragon souls! More badass than your cousin, you can told him and eat some sweetrolls!

And that guys, was my joke build, The Solitude Guard. Hope you guys enjoy it, you can send me some ideas which characters to do. Maybe from some game, WOW, movies and other stuffs! Thank you guys for your attention, my name is Maromak and i will see you, in another build! PS: And remember guys, no lollygaggin.

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