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Recent comments

Maybe they fixed it with a patch, but I remember that both the perk and the stone would count your own spells as "enemy". So essentially you would fail to cast a spell X% of the time because it would get absorbed by the effect. I haven't used either one since it happened to me within the first couple months of playing.

Very informative.
Thank you for the critique.
I may edit and tweak the build and remove any unneccessary perks.
But I'm confused about your stance on the Atronach Stone and perks.
What do you mean it will "absorb your own spells"?
I've never really had that happen to me.
I mean how could your own spell become absorbed?

I won't really criticize the favour of the build since that is up to each individual person.

For Block, you don't need the 5/5 in Shield Wall. The way Deflect Arrows works makes it so that you automatically reach the block cap (85%) as long as you hold a shield. So one point in Shield Wall is more than enough (since you need it anyway to reach everything else).

For One-Handed, Bladesman is a waste of perks due to the way critical hits are calculated. Critical Charge and Paralyzing Strike are also kinda bad unless you can hit with them consistently (I can't, but maybe you can).

For Light Armor, you only need one point in Agile Defender to reach the armour cap.

With the exception of Destruction and Illusion, Dual Casting perks are a waste. I wouldn't recommend the Master perks, since many Master spells are worse than Expert ones and way harder to cast in combat. I wouldn't take Atronach perk since it will absorb your own spells (same reason I don't like the Atronach Stone).

Nice build!
Looks dark and mischevious!
I love it!

A murderous, psychotic paladin, huh?

Nice, simple build. I only question arcane blacksmith, since you don't use enchanting (props by the way, using more than one crafting skill on a character gets really boring and makes the character way too powerful, I feel). I'd also recommend one rank of shield wall and quick reflexes. It only needs 30 block so it's not like you're specializing in it or anything, and it lets you dodge or interrupt power attacks really easily. Definitely helps a two handed character on higher difficulties.

Nice build! I love the bound weapons. It's also good to see someone else noting how oblivion binding with bound bow does NOT work well with summons.