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Keep reading » Call for help: We need you! - Back in 2011, when Skyrim was released, I was looking for a website that would let you mess around with the perks. After realising that such a website did not yet exist, I decided to start one myself.

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Would you get the app if one was created?

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Hey guys please check out my treasure hunter build and comment and suggest any changes there, Much appreciated! emoticon

Thanks for the suggestions ill make sure to change it up and add you into the credits

Maybe have you be able to ride the dragon and have it be a realitive... I'm sorry I'm new to this

Honestly you do not know how much this means! This is an amazing website and I love it to death! It will be an honer fellow dragonborn, if you need anything just tell me and ill be on it ! emoticon

Sure! Once I get the forum up and running (I wish I had more time for this), I'll make you a moderator if you want emoticon

Thanks for telling me! emoticon Any tips???

Suggestions for my next build are very welcome emoticon emoticon