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Keep reading » Call for help: We need you! - Back in 2011, when Skyrim was released, I was looking for a website that would let you mess around with the perks. After realising that such a website did not yet exist, I decided to start one myself.

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How many characters have you leveled over 20?

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Description will be added soon. Please comment on what you think his backstory is and I might just add some of yours to this work and I will give you credit in the description! emoticon

I think this is a amazing build and one day I might use this build for extreme fun!Thank you emoticon

I see. I guess the difference is the way I did was kinda more... legit emoticon

To make him full power max out all um maxed out skills, you will have to be level 80

Used ahzidals armor, but how do you have infinite magica?